[Please note : This website is still under construction. ] 

Welcome to the OFFICIAL site for the United Royalist Republic Of Sam, a micro-nation founded in the United Kingdom, with colonies on the Sun.*

The glorious leader himself, Eternal and Wise God-King Sam bids you welcome. 

A copy of the constitution is available here:  https://pastebin.com/HcVda8Pk

Please note: We do not offer residency.

*Warning: Death may be caused by life in Sun Colony. 


Apply for citizenship: 

Are you interested in Citizenship in the United Royalist Republic of Sam?
Well, you're in the right place.
Citizenship is completely free, and simply requires a conversation with any Government official, who will (if they like you) issue you a passport and with that, you become an official citizen of the nation.

Benefits of Citizenship:
Many benefits come with citizenship, such as your own passport.  (Example pictured below.)

Not only that, you will have an email from the God-King himself congratulating you on your newfound citizenship. Furthermore, your name will also be placed on the "Citizens" database, documenting all citizens of the micronation. This document will be provided to you upon demand.
Another large benefit is the smug sense of satisfaction you will have knowing you are a member of a nation that isn't known by anyone. (Well, we are recognised by the Aerican Empire.) Imagine all the conversations you will have that begin with, "Well, I'm a citizen of the United Royalist Republic of Sam, are YOU?"  

Places to apply:

There are many places to apply for citizenship, they can be found below:

Add on Steam:

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Contact on Twitter:  

Meet the Team: 

Here at the United Royalist Republic Of Sam, we have a team of Government officials working 24 hours a day to keep the nation running.
Here you can learn about them, and what they do.

First and foremost, we have the Eternal God King, Sam himself - Also the one writing this.
He is the eternal God-King of the Micronation, and with his death, so too does the nation cease to exist.
He wrote the constitution, as well as all laws. He also creates passports for the citizens, and is fairly involved in the day to day affairs of the nation.
Fun trivia: He's the one making  this site. 

 Brandon Ralripa holds the position of honoured Foreign Secretary, and is responsible for all relations with other nations, be they micro or not.
He's rather boring, and so this has no fun trivia.

Zack "Attackz" Wheelman is the Lord Commander MIlitant, and his business is all things war. He holds no interest in politics, simply happy to serve God-King Sam by leading his glorious armies.  He has won every battle he has commanded, and possesses the medal for bravery in the field.

Fun trivia: The URROS Military has only fought one battle. 

Ryan [Redacted] is the leader of the top secret intelligence branch of the United Royalist Republic of Sam's glorious Government, the Secret Slimy Investigative Bureau. (SSIB.) and he has been since [Redacted.] Before that, he held position as [redacted.] and [redacted.] in the year [redacted.]

Fun trivia: He redacts frequently due to his love for [redacted.]

Diplomatic Recognition

If you wish to acquire diplomatic recognition from the United Royalist Republic Of Sam, here is the place.
Simply contact any of the below, and we will discuss recognition.

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Contact on Twitter:  

Who are we recognised by?
Currently, the nations / micro-nations we have been recognised by are:

  • The Aerican Empire